Amy Pieterse

Amy Pieterse is an artist of South African, South Indian, and Irish American extraction.

Her latest album is the fruit of an intense three year collaboration with musician and composer, Dmitry Semenov. Reflecting contradictory notes of cool self-discipline and emotional abandon, the album tells a story of love and friendship through songs set in Saint Petersburg. This collaboration was made possible by their lone-standing faith in music as a means of achieving human understanding and inner peace. Inspired by this message, many unique minds and talents took part in the album’s creation.

Dmitry Semenov is a graduate of Berklee Collage of Music, he plays tenor saxophone and works performing and composing music with all the leading contemporary jazz musicians active today.

Amy Pieterse is a singer/song writer, she also paints, designs clothing and has acted in over seven feature films, including both Russian and European productions.


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